Walker appointed Mid West Manager

Friday, October 26, 2018 - 3:53 PM

The Sharks are delighted to announce the appointment of Craig Walker as the Mid-West Regional Manager.

The new position is designed to create a smooth transition for players within the GNFL to the East Fremantle Football Club. Walker will also help players returning to Geraldton and assist with flights, accommodation and regular updates on Mid-West player development.

Walker said the intended pathway is not just about preparing players for the next step in their football careers but also helping them with life aspirations.

“We want the players to have a sound understanding that there is life outside of football and to really understand what is required,” Walker said.

“We want them to be able to work and earn a living as well as playing football at their highest potential.”

This role will be significant for streamlining the talent identification process. Working closely with the GNFL through Grady Tomelty and the WAFC Regional Development Officer Kristian Dicton in Geraldton, Walker will be in regular contact with Brad Dodd and Talent Manager Mark Pashby.

According to Walker this new position also provides a clear point of call for the players, parents and GNFL.  

“If there is a hiccup, we now have someone designated to go to, so everyone is on the same path.”

“I’m personally very excited to have this opportunity and I think it will be beneficial for all involved.”

 “We also hope that the community can understand the new transparent process, so perceptions people have had in the past can be eradicated.”

“We understand that sponsoring in this market is hard, but this is a great opportunity to get on board a good program and get behind up and coming players.”

This new role will enhance the already strong relationship the East Fremantle Football Club has with the GNFL.