Q & A: Jordan Snadden

Friday, March 1, 2019 - 3:01 PM

Jordan Snadden returned to the Sharks in 2018 following a stint in the AFL. The 21 year old with a racking left kick gave us his thoughts on the season ahead.

1) Your second year back at East Fremantle, how is your pre-season tracking?

It’s been great! The boys are really starting to click as a group now and there’s a lot of fit fellas pushing for a spot to play league footy. Personally, I’m feeling fit and strong and just waiting for games to start.

2) Where do you see your role this year?

 I’ll hopefully be spending the majority of my game time as an inside midfielder. I’ve been working pretty closely with Craig Smoker, our new mids coach, and the other mids over the past few months, after getting thrown into a few different spots last year. Hopefully I can settle into an inside role for the year. 

3) How is the group adapting to new coach Bill Monaghan?

 Really well. His messaging to the boys has been clear and direct all pre-season and I think the boys have appreciated that, particularly some of the younger players have benefited from it. 


4) Has anyone caught your eye this preseason?

 There’s been a few actually. Alex Bray who moved up from Peel Thunder has shown some great signs. He’s quick and moves really well. Dillon O’Reilly has been solid also, he’s moved down back this year and has been really impressive. 


5) What do you do with yourself outside of football (Work ect)?

I’m at Uni full time studying Health and Physical Education at Notre dame, so that takes up pretty much my whole week. I do some coaching at Aquinas College as well, so for me that’s about it at the moment. Nothing too glamorous. 


6) What do Sharks fans have to look forward to in 2019?

 I think the way we are going to play this year will be exciting. It might not always look flashy, but it will be direct and hopefully we can kick some big scores. Blaine Boekhorst returning should excite a few people too, we obviously didn’t get to see much of him last year so hopefully he comes back and has a good year for us and also himself. 


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