AOS Futures off to a flying start

Friday, April 5, 2019 - 1:42 PM

The East Fremantle Futures have kicked off the season with sound victories in their first three rounds, defeating East Perth (47 points), West Perth (49 points) and The South West (50 points).

The new format replaces the traditional 16's program and virtually turns the futures into a mini colts season where 10 games are played. The competition has introduced a South West team for the first time, to give added exposure to that strong country region. 

Whilst focused on development, the futures are a talent-based program. The view is to provide developing colts players on the cusp, an opportunity to display their talents in a highly competitive environment. The second focus is to expose as many players as possible, for selection in the State 16's academy program. 

The new program also seeks to develop as many players as possible from the East Fremantle squad to transition into our colts and seniors’ programs; these players are the future of the club!

A big thank you to all the players for the way they have embraced the program and the professionalism they have developed to date. Keep it up as you are improving with every training session and game.

To the star studded staff and coaching crew made up of the following people: Brendan Lewis (Strength & Conditioning) Daniel Richards (Backs), Liam Anthony (Midfield) Adam Drake Brockman (Forwards), Adrian Ricciardello (Leadership program), Tony Watson and Luke Strnadica (Rucks and Talls Program), Nick Kommer (Specialist skills coach & S&C), Andrew Browne & Ethan Drake Brockman (runners), Arthur Maskos our high performance academy coach (chairman of selectors) and last but definitely not least our hard working and highly organised team manager Chris deRosario. Without a doubt the best coaching line-up in the futures competition and the players are so fortunate to have you educate and coach them! Thank you for your commitment to the program 

This weekend, East Fremantle face the Tigers on Sunday 10.30am at Claremont Oval. The game should by a tight contest and provide many highlights, with Claremont playing around 16 great southern boys from their strong country region. If the opportunity arises make your way down to Claremont oval to support the future of East Fremantle FC.

-Head Coach, Larry Cavallo