Sports Science update with Matthew D’Aloia

Friday, January 24, 2020 - 11:00 AM

The Sharks are delighted to welcome Matthew D’Aloia on board as our new Head of Sports Science for the 2020 Season. Hear how he thinks the group is tracking, 72 days out from Round 1.

Bit about you, previous experience, how you’ve settled into the role and how the boys have taken to your program.

My previous experience has been over in the SANFL with the North Adelaide Roosters for three years. I spent the first two years as the Strength and Conditioning coach with their development teams (Colts and Futures) and moved on to be the Conditioning coach for the Seniors in my third year. I have also been the Strength coach for Hockey at the Western Australian Institute Sport, since I moved over to WA last year. Since the start of the pre-season, the boys have been very responsive to the program with a few changes being made they have adjusted well and are jumping at the gun to keep pushing forward.

Who has impressed you on the track?

The seniors in the leadership group have been impressive but some of the younger up and coming boys who have impressed me the most have been Jamie Meade, Nick Bonomelli, Michael Tassone and Luke Strnadica. They have all been putting in the extra yards with their physical development and jumping at the opportunity to improve themselves. Some of the Colts boys that have been really responsive to the program and have been putting in solid work are Luke Dobson, Tom Wallis, Andrew Trefry and Jon Gartlett.

What’s been the focus(‘s) of pre-season?

The major focus of the pre-season is to improve our strength and power. Our fitness is already up to scratch, but we need to be more physical in the contest, so our strength needs to be improved.

How did the boys come back from their time off after the end of the 2019 season?

The boys came back in good condition, we even had an off-season strength/bulk group improve dramatically during the break. The challenge now for the boys is to continue to look for improvements with their physical development, by putting in consistent effort into each and every session.

Any one in particular to watch in 2020?

I am liking the look of Durak Tucker, although he has been in rehab with his hamstring tendon. Once he gets into full training and games, he will give it 100% effort 100% of the time - he is the one to watch.

What has been the focus after Christmas?

Focus after Christmas has been to continue to develop our strength and be better every session.