An update from our President Mark Stewart

Thursday, April 2, 2020 - 6:40 PM

Dear Volunteers, Players, Coaches, Members, Sponsors, Supporters, Juniors, Community and Country Clubs,

The past three weeks have been a very challenging time for our society, and it has been just as hard for our footy club. We face further weeks and months of uncertainty. We are experiencing something very different from what we have previously.

Life, for the time being, has changed in Australia.

The reason for this letter is to firstly and most importantly let you know that the board members are thinking of you. We understand that some of our members could be feeling vulnerable and this is completely understandable.

Please, if you require assistance, ask for help. As a community club we are here to support you and we will direct you to where you can receive assistance. It is so important that we stick together. If you need assistance, please call Todd or myself.

I have never been through a war, but many of the elderly people I have spoken to in recent times, say elements of what we are experiencing now has a similarity to wartimes.

If there was ever a time in our club’s history to stick together, it is now. We may not be together at the club for a Friday night drink or at a game but whatever the situation we must remain United for the Blue & White; and we will.

The coming weeks and months will be extremely challenging for our club.

The wellbeing of players, staff, members and supporters will continue to be at the forefront of all decision-making.

At the moment, the season has been suspended until May 31st. There is every intention to recommence the season as soon as advisable and to at least have some sort of season.

The WAFC will continue to take advice from the relevant authorities regarding recommencement of the season and they will advise us, and we will keep you informed.

As a club, we still have a lot of work to do. Like many of you, our club is facing unprecedented impacts on our people and our business and we will continue to work through the issues calmly and rationally.

Recently the board met, and we have agreed to put a strategy in place to get through this very challenging time and beyond. As part of this strategy we intend to operate in three main areas. The Finance Team, The Media & Communications Team and The Reset Team.

The Finance Team will be working closely with Todd to manage the club’s finances. This will be a very challenging time and some hard decisions will need to be made.

The Media & Communications Team will be working on getting the messages and information out. You are so important to the Sharks; you are the fabric of who we are. I ask you, please play your part where possible to support the club’s sponsors.

Social media plays a big part, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Post comments and share posts to help get the Sharks social media community up and about. Let’s make it a frenzy!

The Reset Team will be looking at every opportunity both now and in the future of how to best position the club. Once we become aware of the actual impact there will be the need to reset in the coming months.

Members and Sponsors I know you have questions about how this affects you, however, we still don't have any more clarity on what will eventuate, or even whether any matches will ultimately be open for members and supporters to attend.

We will not ignore you, however, we don't yet have all the answers. I ask you to please continue to be patient as we work through the issues.

Let me repeat, we have not forgotten you!

Our great club will prevail because we will Never, Never, Never, Never Give Up!

I'll be in touch again soon. In the meantime, as always, take care of yourself and look after those around you.

Unite for the Blue & White

Best wishes in challenging times,

Mark Stewart