Thursday, April 30, 2020 - 3:26 PM

Dear Valued Members, Sponsors and Stakeholders,

As I outlined in my last letter, it has been a very challenging time not only for our club but also society.

Since our formation in 1898, our footy club has become one of the most successful clubs not only in Western Australian Football, but also in Western Australian sport. Now, we are facing a significant challenge, one that we will only overcome together. The unprecedented situation caused by COVID-19 has placed significant pressure on our great club. We need to ensure that when we are able to return to the playing field, we are in a position to do so.

The West Australian Football Commission (WAFC) recently announced a broad range of financial sustainability measures to support WA Football during the Coronavirus crisis, based on football not returning until after May 31st. Part of these measures include a 50% reduction in funding from the WAFC to WAFL clubs which will take place from May 31st and this, along with the possibility that there could be no season, is going to make things tough. Whilst we are appreciative and grateful for the WAFC support, we as a club, cannot rely on them or Government to sustain or save us. We must be proactive.

We have been using this time to work out how to strengthen our club and ourselves so that we don’t just survive, but we actually improve from where the club has been. We did not choose to be in this position, but we certainly now choose to get out of this position to the absolute best of our ability. Now is the time to act, we cannot do this without the unwavering support of our members, supporters and sponsors.

The board and senior staff have met regularly (through social distancing methods) with a clear understanding that we must act now to keep our great club alive. With a heavy heart, many sacrifices have been made including ‘releasing’ staff, coaches and players to help reduce costs. The skeleton staff who actively remain at the club have agreed to take pay cuts. We have also suspended many activities in and around the club to help reduce significant expenditure.

The board of directors, staff and key personnel have been working in the following strategic teams to save the club; Finance led by myself; Media Communications led by Adam Drake-Brockman; and Reset led John Ipsen.

So, what is our plan? We need to raise $200,000.

Why? All our revenue areas of the club have and will be impacted.


· Support our #unitefortheblueandwhite GoFundMe page (goal $100,000)

· Renew your membership here

· Purchase Sharks merchandise here

· Attend home games (if we have a season)

· Support fundraising initiatives (raffle/ golf days/ auction)

· Get on Sharks social media and ‘like’ and ‘share’ posts. Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Our great club will prevail but as I have said we need your help. If there is ever a time to Unite for the Blue & White, It is now. So please be a part of the community-led recovery.

Regards and stay safe

Mark Stewart


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