Playing Career 1924-1937
Games 163
Premierships 6 -1925, 1928-1931, 1933
Captain/ Coach 1934, 1936
Lynn Medal 1934
Life Member 1940
EF Team of the Century 1997
State Representative 7 Games
WA Football Hall of Fame 2004
Fremantle Hall of Legends 1999
Fremantle Legends Team 2007

Carlisle “Bub” JARVIS

Coming into the side late in the 1924 season Jarvis was immediately hailed as an upcoming champion.

Never was prophecy so surely on a winner, for Jarvis was a player par excellence in every season until his regretted retirement. Jarvis frequently started the season with little practice of any kind - it made no difference for he carried no useless weight on his fairly tall frame and was always fit. In method he was a law unto himself. If the passage in front was blocked he retreated on the lightest of toes, swung to the right or left with the greatest of ease before he handballed or used his own fine dropkick, invariably well directed. It was a football education to see him extricate himself from a tangle of opponents. It was often difficult to see the ball in his possession, sometimes under his armpit or curled round his back. Jarvis was a most unorthodox defender, he was inimitable.

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