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Player Q & A: Dillon O'Reilly

Wednesday, February 10, 2021 - 4:52 PM

1) How have you settled back into Shark Park?

Settled back in really well. I knew a lot of the boys before I left so coming back down has been really easy.

2) Where do you see your role this year?

I see my role as either a key back or key forward. Played most my footy over the last couple of years as a backman, but hoping to get a go forward at some stage this year. 

3) You spent some time on Fremantle’s list, what did you learn from experiencing the AFL environment?

I learnt countless things about the dedication and professionalism it takes to play at the highest level. The main thing I noticed were the sacrifices that it takes; time away from family, seeing your mates, going out on weekends, diet etc. all of which need to be done consistently to be the ultimate professional and succeed.

4) Which Sharks have impressed you this preseason?

Lachie McGrath has stood out to me. Hasn’t missed a session and always just has a crack. Going to enjoy watching him progress this year.

5) What do you do with yourself outside of football (Work etc)?

I work full time in an orthotics warehouse Monday-Friday. In terms of hobbies; hanging out with the boys and a bit of gaming.

6) What do Sharks fans have to look forward to in 2021?

A bigger and better prepared group of boys who will play exciting footy and win.