Player Q & A: Luke English

Friday, February 12, 2021 - 3:04 PM

1) How have you settled into Shark Park?

I have settled really well into Shark Park. Everyone down at the club is extremely friendly, supportive and are focused to achieve their goals. 

2) Where do you see your role this year?

This year I see myself playing through the midfield and drifting half-forward at times. This will play to my strong aerobic capacity and to help me get to as many contests as possible. 

3) You spent some time on Richmond’s list, what did you learn from experiencing the AFL environment?
I’m extremely grateful to have spent time on Richmond’s list and to be a part of their club, it has taught me many things. I’ve learnt how the best players in the competition prepare themselves for the season, but one of the biggest take-aways from my time at Richmond is focusing just as much on the mental side of football as the physical. I think that’s how the best players in the competition get an edge on others.

4) Which Sharks have impressed you this preseason?

I have been impressed by Josh Schoenfeld during this pre-season. His running ability is insane and he makes very good decisions when he has the ball in hand. I’m also impressed by Milan Murdock. He’s also got a great running ability and I like how he is always laying a big tackle or applying pressure around the contest.

5) What do you do with yourself outside of football (Work etc)?

Off the field, I am working part-time at Gosnells Primary School as a Teacher’s Assistant and at Franklins Tavern in Victoria Park. East Fremantle Football Club, especially Brad Dodd, have been fantastic in helping me get these two jobs. 

6) What do Sharks fans have to look forward to in 2021?

Shark fans will be happy to know that I will bring a high work rate into the club, on and off the field. I will also be getting to a lot of the contest and being creative with my handballs. I’m really looking forward to playing at East Fremantle and I’m excited by what the group can achieve.