Player Q & A: Josh Schoenfeld

Friday, February 19, 2021 - 1:36 PM

1) How have you settled into Shark Park?

Settled in seamlessly, to be honest. The boys have been terrific from the start with how welcoming and accepting they are. I was pretty nervous to begin with given it was a complete fresh start for me, but I feel really comfortable among the group now and have opened up big time. Credit to the group we’ve got down at the club at the moment, I’m very excited for what’s ahead.

2) Where do you see your role this year?

I see myself as predominately an inside mid who can play in and out throughout the midfield. Just providing plenty of run and good ball use which are my strengths. We’ve got a big mix of players who can roll through the midfield this year which is a huge strength of ours so I’m sure I’ll find myself out on the wing and half forward at times as well.

3) You spent some time on The Gold Coast Sun’s list, what did you learn from experiencing the AFL environment?
The list could go on for days, I took plenty from my five years there. Mainly just the importance of consistence mindset, discipline and professionalism required to succeed at that level and that it’s probably even more of a mental game than physical at times. Also, that there’s nothing better and more satisfying than working and progressing towards a common goal with a group of your best mates. I developed massively as a player and person during my time there and built plenty of resilience, something I will be forever grateful for.

4) Which Sharks have impressed you this preseason?

Milan Murdock is someone from day one that I’ve been impressed and loved training with. The energy he brings daily and how he goes about his footy and training is unreal, the little man has a bright future. Can’t forget the Skipper though, the way Juppy leads from the front and drives standards is inspiring. You can see how much he cares about the club and wants to succeed, there’s nothing I want more than to get wins for that man.

Seriously though, I’ve been impressed with everyone on how they’ve attacked pre-season and just got on with the work. The energy they bring is unreal, got a great group of boys coming through this year and years to come.

5) What do you do with yourself outside of football (Work etc)?

Currently studying Construction Management, which I’ve recently just transferred over to Curtin and looking forward to finally jumping into it full time. In between that I’m working at Kolbe Catholic College as an Education Assistant on a part time basis.

6) What do Sharks fans have to look forward to in 2021?

I think they’ve got plenty to look forward to this year. With Juppy at the helm, you’ll see a more driven, determined outfit that want nothing more than to turn the direction of the club from previous seasons around. Our midfield group particularly, will be great to watch this year given some new additions, the mix we will have in there will be exciting. I’m looking forward to seeing what they can produce. I honestly couldn’t be more excited for the season to start and see what we can do this year.