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2021 Colts Leadership Group Announcement

Friday, March 26, 2021 - 4:39 PM

The East Fremantle Football Club have announced their Colts Leadership Group for 2021, captained by Taj Woewodin.

Josh Browne, Joel Baverstock, Jack Williams, Sam Collins and Sam Emery make up the six-man leadership group with Jack Cleaver, Jake Urqhuart and Jed Hagan selected for this year’s emerging leaders program.

Coach Adrian Ricciardello said he was delighted with the group and is excited to see their growth this year.

“We announced the group a month ago and it gave those players time to audition for the captaincy which was decided by the coaches,” Ricciardello said.

“We decided that Taj would lead us this year with the Vice Captains of Josh Browne and Joel Baverstock.”

Part of the 2020 emerging leaders program, these three have transitioned smoothly into leading the group.

Ricciardello said Woewodin was a deserving captain that would drive the side forward with the high standards he sets.

“Taj is a good communicator, he works hard and leads by example, always staying back late doing recovery,” Ricciardello said.

“As a footballer he is clean with his skills, really good on the inside with his hands, good contested work, so is going to be a real driving force for us this year.”

Taj said he was excited with his appointment, hoping to bring team involvement in his role as captain.

“I was in the emerging leaders group last year as a first-year colt and obviously it was a goal to become captain in my second year.

“It meant a lot to be selected because I worked at it, learning off people with leadership roles with the main goal of becoming captain.”

Ricciardello said the leadership group were doing a fantastic job being a driving force for this group.

“Josh Browne – Browney - our vice captain works hard to set an example for his teammates, his leadership qualities have continued to grow.”

“Joel Baverstock, our other vice captain, works super hard on his game and is a very level headed young man.”

“Sam Collins adds that hard edge to the group, coming from PSA last year having him for a full season is great.”

“Sam Emery returns to the leadership group after being in it last season as a PSA player. Has had significant growth since last season.”

“Jack Williams we have watched him developed for a few years and his growth has been immense. He is a big reference point for us as a group!”

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Pictured L - R: Jack Williams, Joel Baverstock, Taj Woewodin, Josh Browne, Sam Emery and Sam Collins