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Sharks Support Northampton Goals

Tuesday, April 27, 2021 - 4:24 PM

The East Fremantle Football Club is delighted to announce the recent development of new goal posts and the purchase of barrier netting at the Northampton Football Oval. 

The Northampton Football Club, who play in the Great Northern Football League (GNFL), is located approximately 35 minutes north of Geraldton and is part of the Sharks Midwest Country Zone.

The area was heavily impacted by Cyclone Seroja just two weeks ago, with Northampton still without power and relying solely on generators for electricity.

Devasatingly, approximately 80 homes and businesses were lost to the severe winds – this included the Northampton Football Club, where the storm destroyed the club’s goalposts.

The club is home to current Sharks Brynn and Bohan Teakle and former East Fremantle player Harry Taylor, who is currently in charge of the club's Mid West Junior Pathways and Programs in the region through the Mid West Academy of Sport.

The East Fremantle Football Club has funded the goal posts and the barrier netting as a way of giving back to the mid-west region; which has produced some modern day AFL greats for the club such as Patrick Cripps and Josh Kennedy.

CEO Todd Shimmon said “The Club is delighted to help football in the Mid West in their time of need."

"We contacted Harry Taylor and Darren Winterbine to find out what was needed urgently for football to resume.”

“The goals posts at Northampton were high on the list, so we will fund the installation of the goals posts and netting behind the goals to help our regional Club.”