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EFFC Welcome Beyond Bank Australia as Club Partner

Friday, June 25, 2021 - 1:07 PM

The Sharks are a club firmly bound to our community and committed to inclusion, innovation and excellence. So we're absolutely delighted to welcome Beyond Bank Australia as an official partner of our club.

Beyond Bank is a 100% customer-owned bank, who have been putting people for profit for over 60 years. From the very beginning, they were built on principles of cooperation, fairness, equity, democracy, social responsibility and caring

Beyond Bank is local, and support the communities where their members live, work and play. Plus, they are committed to ensuring the financial well being of their partner organisations. They will no doubt provide us with some excellent advice and strategies to help meet our financial goals.

We think this partnership is an excellent match for our club and encourage you to support the bank that supports us.

Beyond Bank’s mobile banker, Jodie Nairn, and the team will be visiting Shark Park later in the season but you can drop into a branch or call them on 13 25 85 at any time.

We look forward to an exciting partnership in the future.

Find out more about Beyond Bank.