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Wednesday, July 7, 2021 - 12:58 PM


Designed by: Reuben McGuire

Waarang-ba is a creature that roams up and down the coasts of WA and enters areas of Yamatji people as  well as south to the Nyoongar  nation, and will be represented in the design of the East Fremantle Football Club’s NAIDOC round jumper. 

The background design is a representation of the Australian west coast ocean which in many             tribes, particularly Nyoongar, is  what we call ‘Father Ocean’.   Next layer onto the jumper is a painting  of ‘Waarnang-Ba’ and it has multiple visual representations including:

Mens Markings (located on the shark body- fins and tails).  These represent the markings of a strong man, these markings were marked on shields and message sticks. 

Flowing Water/Flowing Storylines: ‘Waarnang-Ba’ is seen to be swimming through a flow of some sort, visually these lines represent a rippling or flowing body of water (river/ocean), although symbolically they represent the multiple storylines and song-lines which are by no means straight or linear, some stories interlink and bump into another story and some stories have their own uniqueness.

Glowing Redness: The glowing red of 'Waarnang-Ba’ is a visual representation of a place closely to the East Fremantle home ground, which we all know as Willagee. But the name originates from the word ‘Wilgi’, which is the name the Nyoongar people gave to the red ocre, which is extremely special and sacred.  

The East Fremantle Football Club we sincerly thank Reuben for his skills and involvment with this jumper design.

Join East Fremantle Football Club and the Peel Thunder Football Club as we celebrate 2021 WAFL NAIDOC Round, this Saturday 10th July at New Choice Homes Park.