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Monday, September 13, 2021 - 10:23 AM

The GNFL and GNFLW held their Grand Finals last weekend at Wonthella and Greenough Ovals.  Congratulations to all the GNFL 2021 Premiership teams.

The GNFL is a valued partner to the East Fremantle Football Club.  EFFC President Mark Stewart was on hand to make presentations on behalf of the club on the day, along with fellow Directors Con Tripi, Kim Chatfield along with a number of former players and valued supporters.

Another highlight of the day was the AFL Cup tour, continued with Harry Taylor and Craig Harrington, Brigades President and GNFL Volunteer of the Year and the GNWFL Premiers, Northampton Football Club lap of honour.

Well done to the GNFL and all teams that competed throughout the year.


Premiers - Brigades Football Club

Brigades 9.8 - 62 def. Railways 5.13 - 43

Guardian Medal - Dave Little

East Fremantle FC Best on Ground - Ethan Paholski


Premiers - Railways Football Club

Railways 12.11 - 83 def. Northampton 4.9 - 33

Charlie Comeagain Medal - Joseph Laria

East Fremantle FC Best on Ground - Brendan Harrington


Premiers - Towns Football Club

Towns 5.12 – 42 def Railways 2.7 - 19

Alan Cox Medal - Lachlan Morphew

East Fremantle FC Best on Ground - Taj Satie


Premiers – Northampton Football Club

Northampton def. Chapman Valley

East Fremantle Football Club wish to thank Global Civil and Mining for their support of the greater Sharks Zone.