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2022 EFFC Club Raffle - Thanks to Fuel Distributors WA Pty Ltd

Tuesday, July 26, 2022 - 12:52 PM

2022 EFFC Club Raffle - Fuel Me Up!

The East Fremantle Football Club has put together a great club raffle this year, all thanks to our Sponsors at Fuel Distributors WA Pty Ltd, The Left Bank and The Tradewinds Hotel.

Tickets have been issued to members and are available from the Club to purchase.

Purchase 1 ticket or purchase the book - the more you purchase...the more chance to win a prize. 

Ticket price: $5 each or $50 per book

Draw date:  Friday, 24th September

Venue:         Hey Hey It's Friday, New Choice Homes Park, Moss Street, East Fremantle