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Melville LDV Drives East Fremantle Football Club Forward as New Major Sponsor and Automotive Partner

Friday, February 9, 2024 - 3:53 PM

The East Fremantle Football Club is proud to announce a dynamic new partnership with Melville LDV, an exciting brand rapidly gaining prominence in the East Fremantle & Melville area. Melville LDV has officially joined the Sharks as their Major Sponsor and Automotive Partner for the upcoming season, uniting their passion for excellence, innovation, and community.

As a fresh and forward-thinking automotive brand, Melville LDV has captured the attention of the area’s residents with its commitment to providing cutting-edge vehicles and unparalleled customer service.

Rick Van Der Windt, Hub Marketing Manager at LDV, is thrilled to partner with the East Fremantle Football Club. "As advocates for community enrichment, we're proud to support local sports and the vibrant spirit they bring to our neighbourhoods. This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to fostering a stronger, healthier community through the power of sports."

The East Fremantle Football Club views the partnership with Melville LDV as a significant step forward. “We’re delighted to be partnering with Melville LDV and see it as a collaboration between two brands driven by excellence and a shared passion for success in our respective fields”, said Addy Wetzler, CEO of East Fremantle Football Club. “Our staff love driving the new vehicles and we’re really pleased that Melville LDV have offered to look after our members with a special offer.”

The synergy between Melville LDV and the East Fremantle Football Club is set to create a compelling narrative of success and community engagement. As Melville LDV establishes itself as a driving force in the area’s automotive landscape, the partnership with the Sharks promises to be a thrilling and mutually beneficial venture.

East Fremantle Football Club members are able to access a fantastic deal from Melville LDV – passenger car service from $249, and commercial car service from $299. Servicing is available for all makes and models.