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14s and 15s Development Carnival Update Part 2

Wednesday, October 9, 2013 - 12:13 PM

14s & 15s Development Carnival Wrap

With two rounds down and two to play, our East Fremantle Academy were hoping to finish their carnival with solid performances against South Fremantle and Perth. 

14s Early v South Fremantle

After showing improvement from the first game to the second, our 14s Early squad were keen to continue that improved form against South Fremantle.  

The first quarter was a tight tussle, with both sides locked at two goals apiece near quarter time.  Unfortunately for a couple of minutes late in that first quarter and during the second South gained control of the game and put some scoreboard pressure on our boys.

At half time South could have gone on to win by a big margin, but to our boys’ credit they competed and fought the game out and again showed further improvement from previous games.

East Fremantle              5.6 = 36 

South Fremantle           10.7 = 67

Goals;   Kennedy Sorrell, Sam Cannell, Cameron Howard, Callum Johnston, Jed Costolloe                                        

Best;    Ryan Berryman, Reid Thornett, Aaron Hardie

14s Early v Perth

After three games of steady improvement the 14s Early finally had their day, winning their first game by 36 points.  This result was just reward for the resilience and persistence shown by the squad. 

The game was a tight, even contest early, but Perth seemed to take more of the opportunities on offer.   Our boys missed a few shots on goal and were not as clean as they could have been and as a result they headed in to half time with the game in the balance.

After half time the players moved the ball much better and they started to take more of those chances in front of goal.  The back line, led by Chad Nilson repelled many Perth forward attacks, the midfield got on top and the forwards worked very well together to set up those chances in front of goal. In the end a victory was great reward for effort.

East Fremantle                  9.13 = 67

Perth                4.7 = 31

Goals;   Matt Moreno 3, Michael French 2, Cameron Howard 2, Trent Newton, Aaron Hardie

Best;     Aaron Hardie, Chad Nilson, Jonathon Burge, Tom Eastaugh

14s Late v South Fremantle

Wow, what a close game.  For the second game in a row our 14s Late squad played in a game that went down to the wire.  The game was tight all day and as the boys took to the field to start the last quarter the game was certainly up for grabs.

South held the lead heading in to the latter half of the last quarter, but an excellent snap goal from Jesse Holmes put our boys on front.  The final few minutes were intense, with the ball in South’s forward line, but finally after a kick-in and a boundary throw in our boys were able to hang on by two points.

East Fremantle    7.7 = 49

South Fremantle  7.5 = 47

Goals;   Jesse Holmes 3, Jeremy Butler 2, Dane Jenzen, Nathan George

Best;  Jesse Holmes, Harrison Pollock, Brandon Collard

14s Late v Perth

The 14s Late finished their carnival in great style by winning their third game in succession against a competitive Perth outfit. 

The game changed almost each quarter depending on which way the breeze was blowing.    Perth started well with the breeze in the first quarter, only to be matched by our boys in the second. 

Our boys held firm in the third quarter, with some individual brilliance led by one of our Mid-West players in Jaimon Alone and at the final break we looked to have the game in control, especially with the breeze at our backs.

In the end the East Fremantle boys held on to a comfortable 22 point win, which may have been more had we kicked a bit straighter.

The 14s Late should feel very pleased with their improvement across the four games, just like the Earlies.

East Fremantle                  7.13 = 55                                                                                                                           

Perth                                       5.3 = 33

Goals;   Brandon Collard 2, Cody Smith 2, Tim Bockman, Spencer Williams, Michael Mentiplay,       

Best;  Jaimon Alone, Brandon Collard, Tim Bockman

15s Early v South Fremantle

Unfortunately for the 15s Early they suffered their first loss at the hands of the South “Earlies”.  This was a game of missed opportunities for our boys.  Early in the game the boys had much control of the game but lacked some composure and weren’t as clean as they had previously been.

With injuries to a couple of our key position players, South gained ascendancy in the second half and took the game by 23 points.  Once again the boys battled hard throughout the entire match and should be commended for their fighting effort.

East Fremantle                  5.5 = 35

South Fremantle                 9.4 = 58

Goals;          Cameron Zurhaar 3, Scott Price, Brenton Scadden-Blair

Best;             David Aspinall, Lochie Bennett, Matthew Burton

15s Early v Perth

This was another game where the breeze had a large influence each quarter.  Perth, with the aid of the breeze in the first quarter, were able to kick long and direct and as a result were able to finish the term in front by a couple of goals.

The second quarter was a reverse of the first, however our boys were able to take greater advantage kicking an impressive 6 goals to hit the half time break with a handy 5 goal break.

The third saw Perth kick 5 goals to nil and if not for the work of the backline, in particular Jesse Muir who took a number of telling marks, Perth may have held a larger advantage heading in to the last quarter.

The final quarter was an arm wrestle, with both sides having opportunities to seal the win but our boys held on bravely for an exciting 5 point win.  Cameron Zurhaar was again impressive in front of goals, kicking another 4 majors and was well assisted by the two Coreys- Butterfield and Davis - who kicked 3 and 2 goals respectively.

This capped off a very good carnival for our 15s Early, who were successful in 3 outings this carnival; a terrific result.

East Fremantle                  10.8 = 68 

Perth                                    9.9 = 63

Goals;   Cameron Zurhaar 4, Corey Butterfield 3, Corey Davis 2, Harrison Ryan, Brenton Scadden-Blair      

Best;    Leon Pearton, Jesse Muir, Cameron Zurhaar.

15s Late v South Fremantle

This 15s Late was a game of two halves.  Our boys had much of the ball and for the most part had control of the game but could not capitalise on their dominance.  Our inside 50 entries were letting our boys down, as was our composure in front of goals.  Both sides had real difficulty in scoring goals and at half time the scores were South Fremantle 1.3 = 9 to East Fremantle 0.7 = 7. 

At the half time break the players were urged to be clean with their hands, be more composed with the ball in hand and to leave the forward line open for our forwards to lead and create.  With that in mind the players lifted and followed those instructions magnificently, kicking 9 second half goals, 6 of those in the last.

A wonderful second half performance and these boys will now be looking to go through the carnival undefeated for the second year in succession.

East Fremantle            9.12 = 66

South Fremantle           2.6 = 18

Goals;   Dwayne Neville 2, Nelson Fannon 2, Joshua Sutherland 2, Kyle Baskerville, Joel Barnden, Nathan Payne

Best;     Dean Barone, Vinny Briffa, Gabriel Parfitt

15s Late v Perth              

The 15s Late for the second year in a row were able to go through the carnival without a loss, but more important than the win / loss was that the boys have continued to develop and improve from their campaign in 2012.

Although this wasn’t their most polished performance, with a number of skill and decision making errors, the boys battled tirelessly throughout.

The first three quarters was constantly tight, with and at three quarter time the game was there for the taking for both teams.

But as good sides do they were able to break Perth in the last quarter, particularly late with a burst of goals that saw the final result go 53-28 East Fremantle’s way.

The squad must be congratulated on their effort, where there was a solid contribution from all at various times during the carnival.

East Fremantle           7.11 = 53

Perth                           3.10 = 28

Goals;   Ambrose Ryan, Andrew Clouter, Nelson Fannon, Aidan Zindani, Joshua Sutherland, Connor Liddlelow, Dwayne Neville  

Best;     Connor Davies, Vinny Briffa, Nelson Fannon                                                                                                                                                                                      

Overall I would like to thank all players, coaches, team managers, support staff, parent helpers and parents for their commitment to the WAFL Development Program.  Your support has been outstanding and the boys from all four squads represented both the East Fremantle Football Club and themselves extremely well.

I am sure everyone will look forward to a well-earned break.  I look forward to seeing everyone back, prepared and rested for the 2014 16s Development Program.

Darryn Fry

East Fremantle Football Club Football Manager