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Members information briefing

Monday, February 25, 2013 - 2:09 PM

On Friday night February 22nd, members were briefed on the facilities following recent reports regarding the East Fremantle Oval precinct.

CEO, Adam Kelly, stated that the Club is committed to working with the Town of East Fremantle with continued tenure at East Fremantle Oval the preferred option.  He also explained that the Town of East Fremantle had been supportive of the Club's facility needs and had acknowledged that something needed to happen.

In brief, Adam explained that:

* The Town of East Fremantle has commissioned a building condition report to understand the structural integrity and current state of facilities.

* The Club has submitted facility requirements to the West Australian Football Commission which detail usage requirements and sizes of rooms required.

* The next steps will be dictated by the building condition report which may or may not preclude refurbishment as an option.

* Costing of either a new facility or a refurbished one will need to be estimated.

* Funding will need to be sought.  If there is a likely funding shortfall and this shortfall is significant our facility requirements may be dependent on the ability of Council to be able to develop the precinct through residential and commercial development which would require a change to the current Class A status of the precinct through Parliament.  The possibility of this has been the focus of recent media and community attention.

* The Club would welcome the community in utilising the precinct and believes that the project needs to deliver greater access and usibility.

* Community consultation is the responsibility of the Town of East Fremantle.  As a Club we can share our objectives for the site and let the community know that we want to be here and would like their support to be here.

* No progress on facility requirements at East Fremantle Oval is not an option.  The Club will face increasing pressures if we do not have an outcome that delivers on our facility needs of today and the foreseeable future.  If the Club cannot achieve the outcomes it would like to at East Fremantle Oval then the Club needs to consider what is in the best interests of members, supporters, players, coaches etc., for the future.  If there is better alternatives to be explored they will need to be explored, however, staying at East Fremantle Oval is the preferred option.

President, Con Tripi, and fellow Directors were available for questioning following the briefing.

The Club will continue to inform members of any progress.