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The Partnering Model - What does it all mean for East Fremantle Football Club in 2013

Friday, February 15, 2013 - 2:07 PM

THE West Australian Football Commission has finalised details for the WAFL Partnering Club model interim season in 2013 and reached agreement with Clubs for 2014 and beyond.

In the interim season, 2013, all newly drafted AFL recruits coming from interstate were allocated to East Perth or Peel Thunder.  In addition any players traded to either West Coast or Fremantle were also aligned with East Perth and Peel, which meant that Jamie Cripps, Sharrod Wellignham and Cale Morton will be aligned with East Perth in 2013.

Players previously at East Perth whom were Fremantle Dockers players are now aligned to Peel Thunder and vice versa.

All West Coast and Fremantle players who were previously aligned with East Fremantle remain with the Club as do any players drafted in 2012 from East Fremantle to either Club; that being Josh Simpson, Max Duffy and Alex Howson (all drafted by Fremantle).

In 2013 East Fremantle will have 18 AFL aligned players;




West Coast

Daniel Kerr

Josh Kennedy

Chris Masten

Mitch Brown

Jacob Brennan

Brad Sheppard

Bradd Dalziell

Brad Dick



Aaron Sandilands

Matthew Pavlich

Luke McPharlin

Garrick Ibbotson

Jonathon Griifin

Cameron Sutcliffe

Sam Menegola

Josh Simpson

Max Duffy

Alex Howson


We look forward to continued good relations and performances from all our AFL listed players when representing the Mighty Sharks.