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A Message From Rob Wiley

Wednesday, June 7, 2017 - 4:54 PM
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Rather than the usual weekly match report myself, along with the football department, decided that given our performance on Monday, some words from the senior coach was more appropriate.

I fully understand the disappointment and frustration you, as passionate East Fremantle people, are feeling right now; not only with our extremely poor performance on Monday against our most fierce of rivals, but with our 0-9 start to the season.

I wish to apologise on behalf of the entire football department, from myself as senior coach, to the match committee, coaching staff and football administration for what we dished up Monday afternoon. We are not for one minute going to shy away from what we all witnessed and will continue to strive to make the players and ourselves accountable for the way we represent such a proud and historic jumper.

However, whilst we take whatever criticism comes our way, there are also some significant points that we need to make that hopefully in some way can make our fans more understanding of where we are at. These are not to make excuses…….

Our injury list has been significant, with much of our top end talent unavailable for periods of early part of the season. Liam Anthony has played just 3 games, Hampson 5, McNamara 4, whilst O’Brien has come off a serious injury and missed early games (and will miss the rest of the season). Not only have we missed their talent, but just as importantly their leadership on field. Young emerging talent from last year, in Harrold and Adamini, who both played significant league games in their first year have also battled injury throughout the season and have and will continue to miss long periods of football. We currently have 18 senior players on the injured list.

As I mentioned earlier our onfield leadership has been clearly impacted by the loss of our senior leaders. This has left a significant burden on young men within our leadership group, including Marsh, Jupp, Eardley and Cuneo, who despite their best efforts are still very much in their infancy as leaders and still only in their early 20’s.

So, we are where we are. There is no hiding from it.  It will be a collaborative approach from everyone within the club to do all that we can to move forward and compete with intensity, passion and commitment to the jumper. We will continue to blood young talent, with 13 already to debut this season and more to come, leaving no stone unturned to develop them to be able to compete at WAFL level. On a more positive note we continue to see the colts list improve. There have been more players make the transition from colts to senior football over the past two years and the outlook for the future, looking at our talent pathway seems bright. But what we need to do is recruit players who we can build this emerging list around.  We as a football department have made a commitment, along with the Board, to recruit experienced players to help our local talent.  We have already started this process of recruitment for the 2018 season.

If I can just finish by saying again that I understand whole heartedly the pain you as members, supporters and East Fremantle people are feeling right now. I am, as I know that everyone within the “four walls” are hurting too. We can’t accept this performance but what we must do is stick together and be united to make change and turn this around. You have my commitment to ensure that this great club, returns to be a force again in the WAFL.

Rob Wiley.