East Fremantle Oval - East Fremantle FC

Mr H.H Parker, Town Clerk (1906)

In 1903 the East Fremantle Council received a grant from the Government of 10 acres of ground off the Canning Road, for the purpose of forming a recreation ground. This ground was valued at £300 an acre. Later on, Mr. Pearse gave another 5 acres, which adjoined the previous grant, in order to help make an Oval. The Council at once set to work with commendable promptitude, and expended a preliminary sum of  £260 on the ground. In 1904 £216 was spent, and in 1905 the Council raised the amount for improvements on the Oval to £673. Towards the end of the cricket season complaints were made by cricketers regarding the state of the pitch. The Council immediately shut the ground against all sports, and embarked upon a gigantic scheme of improvements. A handsome Bowling Green has been erected. An elaborate Bowling Green is now nearly ready and tennis courts and a croquet lawn are all tastefully laid out in corners of the Oval. A bandstand is now erected in the centre of some prettily arranged gardens.

All these improvements have been carried out within six months, and have cost £2400. Since the ground was taken over in 1903 it has cost the municipality of East Fremantle £3579, and now the ratepayers can proudly gloat over one of the finest football grounds in the State - spacious, comfortable, and well adapted for every kind of sport. The Oval playing ground measures 192 x 130 yards, and the East Fremantle footballers who now train on it say it is equalled by few and excelled by none. The local Parks and Ovals Committee headed by its up-to-date Mayor (Mr. W. C. Angwin), are still determined to maintain the splendid condition of the East Fremantle Oval.